Outcome Health

Outcome Health delivers better health outcomes and impacts the human condition positively through technology. Its platform lives at the nexus of healthcare and drives value for providers, health associations, caregivers, the life sciences, pharmacies and payers during the critical moments of care in service of better patient outcomes. Website

Outcome Health's Growth Story

Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal grew frustrated watching loved ones with chronic conditions struggle to make better health decisions. Despite regular physician visits and an exchange of condition and treatment information during these consultations, patients were not compelled to action.

The pair cofounded Outcome Health in 2006 with a goal transforming the health decision making process by bringing actionable healthcare information into critical moments of care, and a mission to activate the best health outcome possible for every person in the world.

Through its platform, Outcome Health delivers information, intelligence and value across the health ecosystem, including improved patient adherence, increased clinical trials participation, and enhanced technology for the delivery of value-based care.

Outcome Health has since scaled with 100% year-over-year growth. Today, Outcome Health is the largest health decision platform in the United States, and impacts over 500 million patient visits annually across 20% of physician practices in the United States.