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David Lawee

Founder & General Partner

David Lawee

David Lawee founded CapitalG in 2013, drawing on his experience at Google and as a serial entrepreneur to inform the strategy for the growth fund. Since then, he has helped transform high-potential startups into some of the most highly-valued businesses of our generation, including Airbnb, Lyft, Snap, Robinhood, Credit Karma, Niantic, Digital Currency Group, and Fireblocks.

David Lawee

Previously, David played a pivotal role in Google’s growth story, first as Google’s CMO and then as the company’s first VP of corporate development where his team led more than 100 acquisitions for the company.

Before joining Google, David successfully founded a number of startup ventures including Xfire, a leading online gaming community acquired by Viacom, and Mosaic Venture Partners, a Toronto-based venture capital firm.

David holds degrees in law and philosophy from McGill University and the University of Western Ontario, respectively, as well as a MBA from the University of Chicago. He is an avid skier and lives in Los Gatos, California with his wife and kids.



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