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Sadasia McCutchen

Growth Team

Sadasis McCutchen

Sadasia Mccutchen leads CapitalG’s community engagement efforts to connect portfolio companies with key industry leaders and resources, acting as a trusted partner to CEOs, founders and executive teams across the portfolio. By establishing direct relationships with these key audiences, she builds a deep understanding of their businesses so that she can provide relevant advice and support when they need it most.

Sadasis McCutchen

In her role as Vice President, Sadasia hosts popular recurring C-level forums which provide highly practical and often inspirational information to portfolio company leaders. Sadasia is also passionate about helping tech leaders build strategies to make their companies more equitable, diverse and inclusive. She facilitates the sharing of best practices among the portfolio in the areas of hiring, retention and DEI.

Before joining CapitalG in 2019, Sadasia held several business critical roles in Google’s People Operations organization. She was the lead analyst on Google’s 2019 Diversity Annual Report, the most public dataset the company releases on culture, inclusion, diversity, and hiring. Her data expertise informed and measured company-wide people strategies, government reporting, and business OKRs. Sadasia also managed global operations for Google’s extended workforce (all temps, vendors, and contractors). Sadasia graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in African American Studies, Government, and Data Analytics from Wesleyan University.