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We are CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund. We invest in companies that have established product market fit and are ready to scale. To date, we have over $3 billion under management supporting businesses including CrowdStrike, Lyft and UiPath.

The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
The Capital G Team
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Although we operate independently of Google, we are the result of its exceptional growth story. CapitalG was founded in response to a unique opportunity: to build a world-class growth fund that would enable entrepreneurs to benefit from Alphabet’s unparalleled experience and expertise. 

Our history has imbued us with a unique viewpoint of growth. To us, it is more than a stage, it’s a state of mind. One that allows us to understand the challenges of scaling, and best advise entrepreneurs on how to overcome them. 

As our story has progressed, so has our learning. Today, we have broad experience across enterprise and consumer technology, a leading in-house growth team, and a thriving network of founders and operators at the head of some of the world’s foremost growth companies.

Our beliefs





A relentless focus on entrepreneurs

We’re not here to just write checks. We work vigorously to earn and keep our partners' trust. Making the connections that move mountains. Playing the role of coach in the good times — and providing calm counsel when there are challenges.

Better never stops

We were born with a ‘healthy disregard for the impossible’.

We want to earn outsized returns by staying a step ahead of everyone else. We can only do that by taking initiative, being unafraid to challenge the status quo — never losing that restless feeling that drives us to always push for better.

No one of us is better than all of us

Everyone is here for a reason. There’s no reserve team. No optional attendees. It’s our unique combination of different backgrounds, skills, talent and perspectives that makes us stronger.

We’re all owners

Each and every action makes a difference. Whether it’s going that extra inch or doing something for no other reason than it needs doing. Our smallest actions and gestures often have outsized impact on our biggest goals.

Our portfolio

Across consumer and enterprise, we support transformational companies to make the step change into growth.

How we help

We unlock the talent, passion and strategic expertise of Alphabet’s leaders for you. We combine this wealth of knowledge with our own, gained from our portfolio companies’ growth stories, and our own experience as investors, operators, former Googlers and entrepreneurs.  

As part of the CapitalG family, you’ll have access to our specialized marketing, business development and data science team, who are here to help you to overcome the challenges of scaling.


We help companies reach their target audience; using our connections to introduce them to CIOs and Fortune 2000 members, and our in-depth multi-channel marketing knowledge to optimize marketing and communications channels.

Product & Engineering

Scaling brings a unique set of technical challenges. We work with product and engineering experts at Google to advise teams on scaling infrastructure, building product roadmaps, integrating AI and ML strategies, and more.

People & Talent

We think of people and talent as systems - you will continue to attract the best and the brightest by being thoughtful in designing your culture and people operations. We tap into a wealth of data-driven knowledge to help with executive recruiting, key process building and training. To date, 1100+ employees of the companies we invest in have undergone training on topics ranging from machine learning to management and engineering mentorships.

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