How we help

We exist to help companies scale.

Through 1:1 advising, intimate events and bespoke projects, we help you strengthen the three core competencies required to scale at pace: Go-to-market, product & engineering, people & talent.

Our dedicated in-house growth team is at your disposal, combining experience across marketing, business development and data sciences. In addition, we are able to connect you with experts to solve even the most niche problems using our network of hypergrowth company leaders and highly specialized Google advisors.

How we help


We help connect you to Fortune 2000 accounts you're struggling to get into by leveraging our access to senior account teams at Google and Google Cloud. In addition, we’re on hand to help you navigate relationships with Google both as a customer or a partner. This unparalleled access has led to seven figure deals across many companies. Beyond that, we offer access to advisors in our network to help scale your sales motion.

Felix van der
Frank bien

CapitalG brought to the table a unique access and network - helping us win major new enterprise deals, navigating partnerships with Google Cloud and really helping accelerate our go to market.

Felix Van der Meale, CEO & Founder

Working with CapitalG has been a great partnership - we launched our first inside sales team from their office and they delivered many introductions to customers as well as access to expertise within Google when we needed it.

Burt Podbere, CFO

CapitalG has been a tremendous partner with a real focus on impact. Within a month of investing they had invited us to present in front of 50 large insurers at one of Google's summits, which led to 8 actionable opportunities

Alex Schmelkin, CMO, Unqork

CapitalG really helped us win new customers, including large enterprises, by leveraging their unique relationship with Google client teams to facilitate warm intros. A massive acceleration of our business in no time.

Frank Bien, CEO
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Growth requires scaling and diversifying your marketing channels, building a brand and analytics infrastructure and prioritizing the right projects. Our in-house marketing team helps companies optimize and scale by leveraging perspectives gained from working across 30 high-growth businesses and connecting you to the right Alphabet expert.

Tracy edit

CapitalG has infused our marketing operations with an outside-in perspective that helps us strengthen our strategy, execute more quickly, and develop stronger partnerships across our ecosystem.

Tracy Hansen, Former CMO Renaissance Learning

I didn't expect this level of support from an investor. CapitalG helped us end-to-end, from thinking about strategy and business models to deep dives with pricing experts - their help has provided clear, tangible value to our decision making.

Bob Meese CRO Duolingo

Typically, the later stage the investor, the more hands-off they are. But in CapitalG's case, it’s actually the opposite. They are still excited to dig in deep, get their hands dirty and really helped us build our company.

Jonathan Swanson, President & Co-Founder Thumbtack
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AI and ML

AI and ML are critical elements of a company’s product and engineering strategy and a key driver of competitive differentiation. We can connect you with world-class expertise in these fields. And because expertise is so hard to hire, we have hosted Google’s internal machine learning training for over 900 engineers across our companies.


CapitalG helped us interview and hire our initial data science team and organized ongoing mentorship from top Google experts. This enabled us to deploy state of the art machine learning models now essential to many key operating decisions.

Sanjay Sharma, Co-Founder

They really have carte blanche within Google to find that one person and have that one person solve our problems. They actually bring a lot more to the table other than money.

Edward Kim, CTO & Co-Founder
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Security is rarely front-of-mind when you start, but is critical when you scale. We built a program with Google’s Security Team to help you work through common pitfalls, identify immediate vulnerabilities and suggest ways to incorporate strong security practices into product design.


CapitalG brought in Google engineers who did a fantastic security audit of our site, identifying not only opportunities for improvement but also specific strategies for how to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Ryan Alward, CTO & SVP Engineering

Scaling teams

People make all the difference, and you will continue to attract the best and the brightest by being thoughtful in designing your culture and people operations. We tap into a wealth of data-driven knowledge to help with executive recruiting, key process building and training. To date, 1100+ employees of the companies we invest in have undergone training on topics ranging from machine learning to management and engineering mentorships.


CapitalG runs a bi-weekly people leaders forum - it's one of the few meetings I commit to and look forward to attending regularly. Discussing strategies for hiring, compensation, DEI, and employee engagement with fellow leaders is invaluable.

Joy Sybesma, Chief People Officer

We told CapitalG, "We need to figure out office space, hiring, retention, operations, and management." They brought in Google experts for each request. The work we’ve done with them on this has been hugely valuable.

Ryan Graciano CTO and Co- Founder
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Overcoming the challenges of scaling can require outside expertise. Across all core competencies, we connect entrepreneurs with expert advisors from Alphabet and our own network of hyper growth companies.