CapitalG FAQs

Why did Alphabet want a growth stage investment fund?

We saw an opportunity to build a world-class growth fund that would benefit from our firsthand experience of scaling businesses within Google, and our unique access to the domain experts within Alphabet.

How many LPs does CapitalG have?

CapitalG has a single LP, Alphabet.

What is your investment Strategy?

We invest in companies that have established product market fit and are ready to scale.

To date, we have over $3 billion under management across 45 active consumer and enterprise companies.

We offer bespoke, tailor-made help and engagement for each of our investments.

We are patient capital holders and have a track record of supporting our companies in follow-on rounds and through IPO.

We invest globally; we have investments in companies in Europe, China and India.

Do you have a minimum threshold (revenue scale, growth, etc) that you look for?

No, as growth investors we have a flexible mandate - there are no hard and fast rules. We’re largely looking for companies that have established product market fit and are ready to accelerate growth.

How does your “growth work” actually work? Walk me through an example of how your team works with portfolio companies.

Our focused portfolio of companies enables a bespoke, tailored engagement model. Our in-house growth team works with portfolio executives to define key areas of focus that are critical to scaling. We execute against these through our in-house team, world-class advisors at Google and leaders from our network of hyper-growth companies in our portfolio. Concretely, this may mean anything from helping our portfolio companies land a Fortune 2000 account, to access to world-class engineering, machine learning or security expertise at Google, to marketing deep dives over multiple months. Check out what our portfolio companies say here.

Do you have areas of focus?

We invest in consumer and enterprise companies globally. We have a thesis-driven approach. For example, we have deep expertise in the security industry. We have invested in 5 security companies including CrowdStrike, Zscaler and Armis. We also work closely with top security experts at Google and we’re very engaged in events with industry leaders.