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Rohit Bhat

Managing Director, Financial Services, Capital Markets, and Exchanges, Google Cloud

Rohit Bhat AdvisorPage

Rohit is Google Cloud’s managing director of financial services, capital markets, exchanges and digital assets. An engineer by training with years of experience in business strategy and leadership, Rohit advises clients on the convergence of global markets and cloud technology.

Rohit Bhat AdvisorPage

Rohit is passionate about driving innovation and transformational change in the financial services industry and is an expert on disruptive technologies, such as generative AI for alpha generation, blockchain, distributed ledgers, and real-time risk. Rohit is bullish on the potential of these technologies to advance market structures and operational efficiencies.

In addition to his work, Rohit is an active contributor to industry leadership, regularly participating in keynote speeches, panel events, and podcast appearances. When he’s not building enduring client partnerships, you can find him spending time exploring new restaurants with his wife or singing “Wheels on the Bus” with his daughter at their family home in Chicago.