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Shannon Stark

Managing Director, Solutions and Thought Leadership, Google Americas

Shannon Stark AdvisorPage

Shannon leads a team of advanced sales specialists focused on sales engineering, value engineering, product evangelism, executive experiences, and strategic insights for Google Ads. She and her teams partner with sellers on the most complicated, competitive, and high dollar opportunities to grow customers and revenue. She is an accomplished leader with 20+ years of experience leading solutions organizations. Shannon has extensive experience building pre-sales teams and working with them on hiring practices, sales processes, coaching, development, and impact measurement. She has sold CRM, martech, and ad tech products and deeply understands the nuances of selling across top sectors and verticals.

Shannon Stark AdvisorPage

Prior to joining Google, Shannon spent eight years at Salesforce in various sales engineering roles. She joined Salesforce as an individual contributor in the mid-market space and was promoted repeatedly, ultimately serving as a senior director selling into top Salesforce customers across the US. She considers her time at Salesforce to have been foundational to her development as a sales engineering leader. It is where she learned to sell, lead, and win business.

Shannon loves to mentor early career individuals and relishes the art of networking. She lives with her family in Colorado. She has two sons that know far better than she does and a husband that enjoys starting projects but not finishing them. Shannon’s hobbies include walking her two dogs, Dieter and Junie, for what seems like hours on end, watching comedy, and reading random Urban Fantasy series. She is also a big fan of podcasts of all kinds. Shannon has an MBA in marketing and organizational development from the University of Colorado Boulder and a BA in Spanish and communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara.