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Our Investment in Notarize: Trust in Every Transaction

Jesse Wedler & Jeremy Zhu
25 Mar 2021
Delivering Trust in Every Transaction: Our Investment in Notarize

By Jesse Wedler, partner at CapitalG, and Jeremy Zhu, investor at CapitalG.

In the US alone we complete over 1.25 billion notarizations annually. The notarization process endures because it’s critical to have a process that establishes that signers are entering into agreements knowingly and willingly in order to both verify authenticity and mitigate fraud. However, as anyone who has ever had to endure the process of notarizing documents knows, the current process is tedious and inconvenient. More importantly, it often delays or even prevents important transactions from taking place. And that’s just on the consumer side.

Across sectors like banking, real estate, legal, and wealth management, notarization is a required final step for high-value activities. To support these notarization requirements, enterprises have traditionally hired in-house notaries or have forced customers to find local notaries on their own. While digital transformation has been a top enterprise priority for years, this final critical process step has remained analog and manual — until now.

Due to COVID, enterprises have been forced to shift their outlook on digitization from a nice-to-have to a near-term critical requirement. As businesses across sectors have increasingly grasped the need for end-to-end digital processes, they’ve begun recognizing remote online notarizations as a necessary component, both now and post-pandemic.

Notarize is leading the charge

Notarize was founded six years ago with the vision of digitizing the notary process. The team is responsible for passing 31 state laws and getting countless first-of-their-kind federal and commercial approvals. Their policy efforts with government and trade associations are raising awareness about the need for regulations that will harness market disruptions unleashed by remote online notary, and they have created a scalable enterprise product that operates in full compliance with the evolving gordian knot of state and local regulations. On top of this, they have built deep integrations into the relevant systems of record and robust compliance workflows — key requirements for large enterprises to evolve a critical process.

Users love Notarize, too. Their clean, intuitive functionality has transformed what was previously a painful and lengthy ordeal into a near immediate, simple exercise. With Notarize, a legally notarized document is available 24/7 in less than 10 minutes — from anywhere. Notarize’s customer reviews reflect how great an experience they’ve created and how significant an improvement their solution provides.

How did Notarize build such a compelling solution? It starts with the people. CEO Pat Kinsel and the entire Notarize team have a relentless focus on technology, public policy and operations. They have spent years thinking about the problem they’re solving, and their knowledge and commitment are reflected in the company and product they’ve built.

CapitalG’s investment in Notarize

Notarize is pioneering remote online notarization — and thanks to them, notarization will never be the same. Anyone who has suffered through the current system will be grateful for that! We are thrilled to partner with Pat and his amazing team on this journey.

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