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07 Feb 2022

Promoting the Next Generation

Each year it’s always a tremendous privilege to recognize work well done, but 2021 was  particularly noteworthy with six IPOs, a major acquisition and the welcoming of several new companies into our CapitalG family. Our firm’s model is built around a small, concentrated portfolio: We only make 8-12 new investments each year, and we actively engage with each on the journey from our initial investment to IPO and beyond.

Whether we’re scouring the globe for the world’s most transformative technology companies or working closely with portfolio leaders on go-to-market, product & engineering, or people & talent operations, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Today we are thrilled to recognize nine team members who have been promoted during the past calendar year. Each has already contributed meaningfully to the success of our firm and  portfolio companies, and we can’t wait to see how they deepen their impact in their expanded roles.

Jesse Wedler - General Partner

Jesse joined CapitalG as an MBA intern shortly after the firm was founded in 2013. In the years since, he has grown his career at CapitalG while playing a critical role in building the firm into what it is today. As an investment partner, Jesse has been instrumental in many of the firm’s most consequential investments such as Airbnb, Duolingo, Gusto, Looker, UiPath and Unqork, and more recently, MANTL, Notarize, Everlaw, and Applied Systems.

Now as CapitalG’s fifth general partner, Jesse joins the senior leadership team alongside David Lawee, Gene Frantz, Laela Sturdy and Derek Zanutto. He is focused on opportunities in software and fintech infrastructure.

James Luo - Partner

As CapitalG’s newest investment partner, James leads investments in infrastructure software, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, networking, and developer platforms and tools. These are areas in which he already has deep experience: Since joining CapitalG in 2018, James has played a leadership role making new and follow-on investments in companies like Expel, Dataiku, and Orca Security and has also worked closely with existing portfolio companies such as CrowdStrike, Zscaler, and Armis.

Jackson Georges Jr. - Growth partner

Since joining CapitalG in 2018, Jackson has helped CapitalG enterprise portfolio companies scale via strategic partnerships. In his expanded role as growth partner, Jackson will oversee the team advising all CapitalG portfolio companies on strategies to scale their operations and boost their top-line growth. His team provides portfolio companies with hands-on operational support, mentorship and training programs, security audits, sales introductions, and strategic partnerships. Jackson also co-leads CapitalG’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EID) initiatives across the firm and portfolio, and he works closely with Alphabet and industry partners like BLCK VC to promote diversity within the venture and startup ecosystems.

Brian Osimiri - Associate general counsel

Brian joined CapitalG 2019 as senior counsel, building on his experience as in-house counsel at Uber and Electronic Arts where he worked on acquisitions, divestitures and investments. At CapitalG,  Brian has been critical in supporting the firm in financing rounds and company exits. As associate general counsel, he will deepen his relationships with portfolio companies while helping to lead strategy and exits for the firm’s financing and M&A/IPO efforts.

Xiaoping Feng - Staff data scientist

Before joining CapitalG in 2019, Xiaoping developed data-driven products and services for a big data startup, and earlier, as a senior consultant at EY, she led machine learning model development for large banking systems. As a senior data scientist at CapitalG, she has delivered key data and analytics solutions to identity promising early stage startups. In her new role as staff data scientist, she will continue her important work developing data-driven capabilities to identify and prioritize investment opportunities.

Sadasia McCutchen - Growth VP

Since joining CapitalG in 2019 as a growth lead from Google’s People Operations organization, Sadasia has led the firm’s community engagement efforts to connect portfolio executives with key industry leaders and resources on topics such as inclusive hiring, remote and hybrid work best practices, business continuity planning and the future of work. As a growth VP, Sadasia will continue leading the firm’s community initiatives as a trusted partner to CEOs, founders and executive teams across the portfolio. She will also continue to help lead the firm’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EID) advisory practice for portfolio companies.

Jamie Rosen - Investment VP

Jamie joined CapitalG as an investment associate in 2019 and was promoted to VP mid-2021. In her three years at the firm, she has been a vital member of the teams investing in cybersecurity, software, and fintech infrastructure. She has worked closely with Freshworks (which enjoyed a successful IPO in September), Orca Security (which we welcomed to CapitalG last year) and Expel (whose Series E we co-led 18 months after leading their Series D).

Jeremy Zhu - Investment VP

Jeremy has worked tirelessly with companies such as, Notarize and MANTL and played a key role in our recent investment in Lummo, which marked CapitalG’s entrance into Southeast Asia. Jeremy joined CapitalG in 2019 as an investment associate and was promoted to VP mid-2021. Prior to joining CapitalG, Jeremy worked as an investment banking analyst at Moelis & Company.

Nina Gerson - Investment VP

Nina has sourced a number of opportunities in the fintech and healthcare tech sectors since she joined CapitalG in 2019 as an associate. She was promoted to VP mid-2021 in recognition for her work helping to build the firm’s healthcare efforts and for her work securing investments in Strive Health and Next Insurance. More recently, she has played an important role in the expansion of CapitalG’s international footprint, which has already helped pave the way to our investment in Lummo, our first portfolio company in Southeast Asia.

A welcome talent 

We’re also thrilled to welcome Lauren Illovsky, previously a talent executive at Gradient Ventures, Accel and Andreessen Horowitz. Lauren joined CapitalG as our first talent partner in October 2021. She partners with portfolio company leaders on executive talent strategy, advising them on organizational development as well as recruiting for executives and independent board directors.

We are grateful to work with so many skilled and engaging colleagues and to celebrate these well-deserved promotions as we look to another exciting year ahead.

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