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Jesse Wedler

General Partner

Jesse Wedler

Jesse Wedler joined CapitalG shortly after it was founded in 2013. He started out as an MBA intern, grew with the firm and over time rose to become a general partner. In his nine years at the firm, Jesse has played an instrumental role in many of the firm’s most important investments, from Airbnb, Duolingo and Gusto to Looker, UiPath and Unqork.

Jesse Wedler

He is currently focused on B2B fintech, including identity verification and the infrastructure necessary to digitize industries such as insurance, banking, and capital markets. He led CapitalG’s investments in, MANTL, Notarize, Applied Systems and Everlaw, and sits on several company boards.

Previously, Jesse worked at TPG and in the technology group at Goldman Sachs. He received his BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford. Outside of work, Jesse enjoys gardening, DIY projects, refurbishing boats and spending time on the water with his friends and family. He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife and two children.



What types of technologies most excite you?

You’ve said that you target generational companies. What makes a company qualify as generational?

What do you care about most when you look at a new company?

How would you describe the relationships you build with entrepreneurs and CEOs?

Capital can often be treated as a commodity; how do you make sure this is never the case?